Bone health tests

Tests you can use to help you work out your bone health and fracture risk.

Know your Bones

An online bone health assessment for members of the public. Click on the image to start the assessment.

Know your Bones is an online bone health assessment that you can do to find out your risk of bone fractures. The tool asks you a series of questions and produces a report explaining your risk results. It provides recommendations for any areas of risk identified. You can discuss this with your doctor.

Bone fracture risk calculator

This bone fracture risk calculator is only intended for use by GPs and other health professionals. Click on the image to start the assessment.

Bone fracture risk calculator This calculator takes into account risk factors such as previous falls, bone mineral density and prior fractures to estimate your risk of bone fracture. The results produced by this calculator should serve as a guide only. If you are concerned about your fracture risk, talk to your doctor or a bone specialist.

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