Most New Zealanders enjoy buying the odd lotto ticket or pokies game, but for some people, it becomes addictive and causes havoc for their family, finances, work and friendships.

Estimates suggest that between 10,000 to 60,000 New Zealanders could be problem gamblers. Every gambler affects at least five others so at least 50,000 to 300,000 people in New Zealand could be personally suffering because of problem gambling.

Key points

  1. Every day New Zealanders lose $5.5 million on gambling and every gambler affects at least 5 others.
  2. If you live with someone who gambles, get help and support for yourself.
  3. Gambling is addictive and very few people  can solve it on their own. Get help before things get worse for you or your family.
  4. Do not wait and think it will get better. Act now before more damage is done to you, your family or friends.

Take a test

Problem Gambling Foundation of NZ  online test 

Choice not Chance, NZ Health Promotion Agency online test


Credits: Health Navigator. Last reviewed: 10 Feb 2015