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A New Zealand-based app that connects people seeking help and support with those offering home-based services.

Mycare By Mycare Limited
  • Online community for home-based services
  • Connects people seeking help with helpers
  • Local searching
  • Scheduling
  • Messaging
  • Payment
  • New Zealand app
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What does the app do?

The app aims to help people find the support they need, in their local community, for example disability support, injury support, and support for older people. Users set up a profile and search locally for help. They can book visits instantly with available helpers. The app allows users to organise visits online, keep track of activities with helpers and make payments. Workers are pre-approved — a Ministry of Justice or NZ Police criminal history check is compulsory.

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Privacy and security

The app is password protected - users have to sign up using an email account. Read more about things you can do to improve your safety and security when using apps.

Review details

Date of review: April 2019
Platform reviewed: Android
Version: 9.0.29
Download size: 16.58 MB
Updated on: March 2019