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A social networking app for mums.

MUSH By Mush Limited
  • App community
  • Diary (very basic – selecting emoji for mood and able to write a comment)

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Country of origin  United Kingdom
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Two out of five stars

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  • require internet access? Yes
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What does the app do?

Mush – the friendliest mum app was developed for mothers, and offers a range of services including communities (advice and local meet-ups only in the UK) and informative articles. The app is targeted towards mothers-to-be and already-mothers. Unfortunately, it only covers the UK so there are no New Zealand options for meet-ups. There are some useful articles on this app, including parenting and childcare tips, and discussion around work options (though again, these are not necessarily applicable to New Zealand). You can ask questions on a forum, and there is (paid) access to ‘parenting experts’ and expert tips.

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✔ This app is a simple, easy-to-use platform with some interesting articles.

✔ If a UK address is entered, you can join an online community to ask questions and contribute. 

✘ Not a local app, so no local options for meet-ups or work opportunities.

✘ Very frequent notifications, even when the notification options within the app were de-selected (had to remove permissions via phone).

Review details

Date of review: April 2021
Platform reviewed: Android
Version: 3.44.11510 

App developer
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