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Health365 is an internet service provided in partnership with your GP, which gives you secure access to your own medical records and a range of time saving services. Health 365 is a website that you can access through your mobile device.

Health 365 By myPractice

Health 365 is a website that allows you to:
  • view long term conditions and regular medications, allergies, immunisations, laboratory test results
  • request prescriptions
  • book appointments
  • ask your doctor a question securely for a fee
  • view clinical notes
  • view account
  • view recalls
  • view previous measurements (BP, weight, height etc). 
Note: not all features are automatically enabled. Each GP practice chooses what feature to enable.

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Cost Free
Note: Your healthcare provider may charge you for various services accessed through the app such as reordering prescriptions and advice.
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Not all GPs across New Zealand have the Health 365 patient portal. Check with your GP if they do. To get access your practice can sign you up. They will send you an invite by email. On receiving the email, follow the provided link to the website. Enter the provided user name and password. For more information, see Health 365 and for a detailed review, see Reviews.

Privacy and security

Your information is only accessible to yourself and is protected by the user name and password. You will be asked to change the initial password with your own password. None of your health information is stored by Health 365. Health 365 provides a channel, guarded by multiple layers of encryption, that connects you with the data stored by your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider, in consultation with you, has absolute control over who can access your data. Read more about privacy and security.

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Date of review: March 2018

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Health 365 User guide for patients Dec 2016

Patient portals Ministry of Health, NZ

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