Web application to detect the rate of eye blinks

What does Eyeblink do?

Eyeblink is a web application that uses a camera to detect the rate of eye blinks. It measures blink rate over 3 minutes, with the presumption that low blink rate causes dry eyes. It assumes healthy blink rate is 10–15 times per minute and it aims to use blink training to remind you to blink.

Not recommended due to efficacy concerns

[Clinical review, Ophthamologist, Auckland] 

I do not recommend Eyeblink as a treatment for dry eyes. It is unclear what the relevance of doing ‘eye exercises’ to manage dry eyes are – there is insufficient evidence to support regular eye exercises as a treatment for dry eyes. 

Eyeblink assumes that reduced blink rate is the cause of dry eye. However, by using this programme, patients may be left thinking that this is a substitute for proper dry eye investigation and management. Furthermore, there are limited well structured trials supporting exercise in the management of dry eye 

It could possibly be useful if dry eye is diagnosed by a doctor and, subsequently, having breaks (as reminded by the application) will be useful. The reminder to take regular breaks if working for a prolonged period of time at the computer, may be useful. 

Review details

Date of review: April 2020
Platform reviewed: Windows

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