Concussion apps

There are variety of mobile apps available about concussion. These can be a useful way to learn about concussion. The Health Navigator team has reviewed some concussion apps that you may like to consider.

App Features Clinical review

CDC Heads Up Rocket Blades

  • A game for children aged 6–8 years to learn about the signs and symptoms of concussion and what to do if they hit their head.
  • Available from Google Play and App Store.
  • Cost: free.
  • Read more about CDC Heads Up Rocket Blades.

Concussion Tracker


  • An app for people who have suffered a concussion, and their coaches or others who are involved in their care.
  • Available from Google Play and App Store.
  • Cost: free.
  • Read more about Concussion Tracker.

Reviewed apps that are no longer available


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