App evaluation models

The following are examples of published app assessment tools which provide a framework to inform decision making about apps.

Resource   Description
Mobile App Rating Scale (MARS) developed by the Queensland University of Technology (2015)3
  • Designed to score apps on a few comprehensive dimensions such as engagement, functionality, aesthetics and information quality.
  • Read more about MARS
RCP Health Informatics Unit checklist (2016)4
National Library of Medicine (NLM) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) (2016)
App Chronic Disease Checklist (2016)5
American Psychiatric Association (APA) app evaluation model (2020)
Boudreaux ED, et al (2014)6
  • Published an article that outlines 7 strategies for evaluating and selecting health-related apps. Read more 
Graded review of dermatology apps (2018)7 
  • Evaluated dermatology apps for patient education and identified 5 key criteria. Read more
mHealth App Trustworthiness checklist (2019)8
  • Identified 23 items groups into 6 categories for evaluating health apps. Read more


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