Obesity – a public health problem (series)

Video series – experts claim that sugar is a toxin causing the global rise in obesity.

Is sugar a toxin that's fuelling the global obesity epidemic? That's the argument UCSF's (University of California, San Francisco's) Dr. Robert Lustig made in Sugar: The Bitter Truth, a 2009 UCTV (University of California TV) video that's since gone viral and sparked a national dialogue. In The Skinny on Obesity, a 7-part series from UCTV Prime, Dr. Lustig and two of his UCSF colleagues tease out the science behind this alarming claim and the dire threat it poses to global public health.

Ep. 1: An epidemic for everybody

How did we get so fat, so fast? The debut episode of this 7-part series debunks the theory that obesity only affects the "gluttons and sloths" among us and is, in fact, a public health problem that impacts everyone.

(University of California TV Prime, USA, 2011)

Ep. 2: Sickeningly sweet

Dr. Robert Lustig illustrates the overabundance of sugar in today's processed convenience foods and explains how our bodies metabolize these sugars in the same way as alcohol or other toxins, causing damage to the liver and other organs.

(University of California TV Prime, USA, 2011)

Ep. 3: Hunger & hormones – a vicious cycle

Sugar impacts the brain just as much as the waistline. In this episode, Dr. Robert Lustig explains the biochemical shifts that sugar causes, making us store fat and feel hungry at the same time.

(University of California TV Prime, USA, 2011)

Ep. 4: Sugar – a sweet addiction

Sugar isn't just sweet, it's addictive. This episode explores the cycle of addiction that sugar causes in the brain, much in the same way as drugs and alcohol.

(University of California TV Prime, USA, 2011)

Ep. 5: Generation XL

An unnerving trend of obese infants is just one indication that obesity can be passed on from mother to foetus. This instalment looks towards the next generation, with an emphasis on preventive care and prenatal health.

(University of California TV Prime, USA, 2011)

Ep. 6: A fast-paced fast food life

"The pace of modern life is a key contributor to today's obesity epidemic. UCSF's Elissa Epel and Barbara Laraia explain the stress connection and offer practical and effective solutions that don't involve dieting and exercise."

(University of California TV Prime, USA, 2011)

Ep. 7: Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol... & sugar?

"UCSF experts offer a frank indictment of the country's agricultural policy and food industry, which have made it nearly impossible to avoid sugar in our daily diet, and suggestions for possible remedies."

(University of California TV Prime, USA, 2011)

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