Smoking tools

Online tools you can use to see how smoking may be damaging you and your family.

Cigarette cost calculator

Find out how much money smoking is costing you.

Smoking is an expensive habit. Smoking a pack a day costs around $6,900 per year or approximately $130 a week. This is based on pack of 20 that costs $18.90.

How much is smoking costing you? Use this cigarette cost calculator to find out.

If you quit it's like giving yourself a pay rise – you can spend the extra money on whatever you choose. You might like to treat yourself to something special with the money you've saved.

This calculator was developed by The Quit Group NZ

Smoking – how damaging is it?

Use this interactive tool The Health Benefits of Quitting to learn how smoking damages your health and the health of your family. Developed by Quit Victoria 

E-cigarettes or vaping quiz

Take this quiz here from the Health Promotion Agency NZ to find out how well you know about vaping or e-cigarettes.