Drinking tests

Do you have questions about your drinking? Here are some online tools to help you work out how much you're drinking and what effect it's having on you.

Want to find out if your drinking is okay?

If you're not sure about how much alcohol is in your favourite tipple, or what the recommended alcohol guidelines are, you can do these quizzes to find out, as well as work out whether your drinking is putting you at risk.


Is your drinking okay?

The Is your drinking okay? quiz can help you find out about your level of risk from your drinking. Just complete 10 questions to find out your score and what that means for your risk of harm.

How much are you drinking?

Drinks aren't always poured to be the equivalent of one standard unit of alcohol. This means it can be easy to lose track of how much you've drunk. To find out how many standard drinks you are drinking, drag your drinks to the table and the tool will work it out for you.

A guide to standard drinks

Find out how many standard drinks are in typical containers of different types of alcohol. There might be more than you think! 

Can you pour a standard drink?

Check out whether you can pour a standard drink in different drinking vessels. It might not be as easy as it sounds. 


Alcohol and your body

Learn about the effects of alcohol on different parts of your body. You might be surprised how much of your body is affected.

Source: Health Promotion Agency, NZ, 2018

Credits: Health Navigator Editorial Team.