The brand of dexamfetamine tablet (5mg) is changing

Dexamfetamine is used to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). To maintain control of your or your child's symptoms, it's really important to continue taking dexamfetamine. Read more about dexamfetaminenarcolepsyADHD in adults and ADHD in children

What is happening to dexamfetamine tablets and why?

From August 2022, the brand of dexamfetamine tablets will change from the ‘PSM’ brand to the Aspen brand. The current supplier of the PSM dexamfetamine tablets is leaving the New Zealand market and has indicated that these tablets will no longer be manufactured.

To make sure people can continue to access their medicine, Pharmac has sourced the Aspen brand of dexamfetamine. The new Aspen brand will look different, but the tablets have the same amount of dexamfetamine as the ‘PSM’ brand and works in your body in the same way.

Image credit: PHARMAC NZ

Aspen dexamfetamine tablets are not Medsafe approved

Aspen dexamfetamine tablets are approved for use in Australia, but have not been through the Medsafe approval process in New Zealand. Unapproved medicines may have acceptable quality, efficacy and safety, but approval to supply these medicines has not been sought in New Zealand. Being unapproved does not mean the medicine is ‘unsafe’. Your healthcare provider will discuss the benefits and risks of the medicine with you. Read more about unapproved medicines

What happens next?

Your doctor, nurse or pharmacist will talk to you about this medicine change and get your consent. You will have a chance to ask questions and share any concerns about the brand change then.


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