Not vaccinated against Covid-19? Now's the time to get yours.

Aotearoa New Zealand is having a big COVID-19 vaccination drive leading to Super Saturday – a National Day of Action on Saturday 16 October.

It has never been more urgent for everyone to get vaccinated. Summer is just 8 weeks away! We all have a role to play in getting more people vaccinated, so we're all being asked to do our bit for the health of our whānau and communities. 

Not yet vaccinated?

Book your first vaccine appointment now so you can get 2 doses and enjoy everything a classic Kiwi summer has to offer. The more of us fully vaccinated, the more protection we will have against COVID-19, and the more freedom this gives us.

If you're part of the 20% who haven't had a vaccination, it's going to be super easy to get vaccinated on Super Saturday. Vaccine clinics will be open all over the country, all day and into the evening. Find walk-in and drive-through vaccination centres

Had one shot?

Ka pai! But your job is not yet done. You need your second vaccination to be fully protected and so you can protect others too.

COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins says, “Our message to the 80% of the eligible population who have had their first dose is this: your job is not done. Please get your second dose.

Already had both shots?

If you're one of the many people who have already had 2 doses – shot! But your job is not done yet either.

The best thing you can do right now is to help your friends, whānau and colleagues who may still have some hesitation about being vaccinated, by giving them the support they need to get it done. It may be answering their questions, telling them about your own positive experience, taking them to the doctor or vaccination centre, or telling them about Super Saturday. Whatever it is – show them you're there for them!

“We need you to be talking to them about the reasons you’ve been vaccinated, we need you to make sure they are getting reliable, honest information about the vaccine. And we need you to help us to get the unvaccinated vaccinated, Chris Hipkins says.

“We want parents and grandparents to encourage young New Zealanders to take up the opportunity to be vaccinated. We also want young people to check in with any older family members who aren’t yet vaccinated, show them where they can find reliable and accurate information online, and help the whole whānau to be protected.”

Everyone has a role to play

The Government is also asking government agencies, the business community, media and community groups to play a role, too. Those that want to offer incentives to unvaccinated people to get them in the door are encouraged to do so.

“We’ve got a plan and to make it work we’re asking everyone to contribute to a big, nationwide push for vaccination. This will culminate in a National Day of Action for vaccination on Saturday 16 October,” Chris Hipkins said.

“On that day, we will have vaccine clinics open throughout Aotearoa all day and into the evening. A bit like election day, we will be asking all our political and civic leaders to contribute to a big collective effort to turn people out. 

“We must leave no stone unturned. No one should be left behind because they haven’t had the support they need to make an informed choice to be vaccinated.”

Book now

There are currently 350,000 appointments available next week on BookMyVaccine. That doesn’t include general practice, where more than 20% of people are getting their vaccines. Work is being done with district health boards now to increase capacity even further.

“Our response as a collective nation to the challenges posed by COVID-19 has been world-leading. Now we need a world-leading uptake of vaccination,” Chris Hipkins says.

“The next week-and-a-half is critical. We need to pull out all the stops to increase our vaccination rates. It has never been more urgent.”

Your doctor supports vaccination

The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners welcomes the national call to action for all eligible Kiwis to get vaccinated on 16 October’s Super Saturday event.