Celiprolol (Mylan’s Celol) no longer available in New Zealand

Stocks of the registered brand of celiprolol, Mylan’s Celol, are soon to run out in New Zealand. The drug company that manufactures Mylan’s Celol will no longer be producing this medicine. 

Celiprolol is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) and belongs to a group of medicines called beta-blockers.     

If you are taking celiprolol for your high blood pressure, you will need to change to another medicine. PHARMAC says it understands that changing to a different medicine is not easy and it apologises for this situation.

Talk to your doctor as soon as possible about the different medicines that you could use instead to treat your high blood pressure. Do not suddenly stop taking your celiprolol (Mylan’s Celol) without talking to your doctor. This can be dangerous and make you unwell. 

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Source: Celiprolol (Celol): Discontinuation 
PHARMAC, NZ, August 2020