Yes! Cassette Pregnancy Test Kit test result issues

Medsafe has received several reports about issues with test results from Yes! Cassette Pregnancy Test Kits (also known as the Smith BioMed Rapid Pregnancy Test). 


The reports describe false positive test results and inconclusive results. These present as faint lines.

The product information advice is that if you see 2 lines or 1 line and a faint line it is positive. Read more: Yes! Cassette Pregnancy Test Kit information leaflet.

What are pregnancy test kits?

Pregnancy tests are used as an early detection test for pregnancy. The test is accurate if used 7 days after the next period is due. Hormone levels in women vary and some women may not have detectable levels of hormone on the first day they test for it.

What does this mean for me?

If you have used the Yes! Cassette Pregnancy Test, it is best to confirm the results with your healthcare provider. 


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