Benzbromarone no longer available in New Zealand

All brands of benzbromarone 50mg and 100mg tablets are out of stock around the world. Benzbromarone is an important gout treatment for New Zealanders. Benzbromarone is also known as Narcaricin Mite, Benzbromaron AL, Desuric, Urinorm, Benzbromarone (Onelink) and Narcaricin.  

Due to these stock issues, benzbromarone will no longer be available in New Zealand. PHARMAC says it has not taken this step lightly and acknowledges the disruption this is likely to cause for both patients and prescribers.

If you are taking benzbromarone for your gout, you will need to change to another medicine. PHARMAC says it understands that changing to a different medicine is not easy and it apologises for this situation.

Talk to your doctor about the different medicines that you could use instead to treat your gout. PHARMAC has 
already written to your doctor and asked them to get in touch with you about this.

If your doctor has not contacted you, please get in touch with them to talk about changing your medicine. Your doctor will answer any questions you have.

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benzbromarone discontinuation and medicines for gout.

Benzbromarone: Discontinuation PHARMAC, NZ, June 2020