Monday briefs – 16 March 2020

Your weekly health news round-up

Coronavirus officially declared a pandemic

The World Health Organization has declared coronavirus a pandemic but says it’s not too late for countries to act. Read more

Study finds online vaccination misinformation rife

Parents researching childhood vaccinations are likely to encounter significant levels of misinformation, particularly on Facebook. Read more

The downside of artificial sweeteners

A new study has found a common artificial sweetener, in combination with carbohydrates, can make healthy people become glucose intolerant. Read more

Calls to regulate beauty industry in NZ

An increasing number of botched laser treatments has led to calls for the Government to bring in tougher rules. Read more

More awareness needed around meningitis and vaccines

Greater public awareness around meningitis and available vaccines is needed, says Meningitis NZ, Canterbury University’s medical director and the mum of a teen who died from the disease. Read more