Monday briefs – 2 March 2020

Your weekly health news round-up

COVID-19: New Zealand prepares for next phase

The confirmation of the first case of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the country means New Zealand is moving into the next phase of the pandemic response, an Otago University professor says. Read more

Sleep key in reducing obesity risk

Getting an extra hour’s sleep a night can reduce the obesity risk of vulnerable pre-schoolers, a New Zealand study has found. Read more

Free Epipen campaign extended

A campaign providing free Epipens to children in need has been extended for a limited time to include any person at risk of anaphylaxis. Read more

The benefit of eating a big breakfast

Eating more at breakfast than at dinner could help prevent obesity and high blood sugar, according to a new study. Read more

University student dies of meningococcal disease

A female University of Canterbury engineering student has died of meningococcal disease. Read more

Needle exchange effective in reducing HIV rates

New research has found that New Zealand’s world-first needle exchange programme that started 30 years ago has helped avoid the high rates of HIV found overseas. Read more