Monday briefs – 3 Feb 2020

Your weekly health news round-up

New Zealand to restrict travel from China to protect against coronavirus

The Government is placing temporary entry restrictions into New Zealand on all foreign nationals travelling from or transiting through mainland China to assist with the containment of the novel coronavirus and to protect New Zealand and the Pacific Islands from the disease. Read more

WHO declares coronavirus a global emergency

The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus a global health emergency. Read more

Imprisonment and traumatic brain injuries linked

People with brain injuries are over-represented in the justice system, according to a new University of Canterbury study. Read more

Accidental cancer discovery

British scientists have accidentally discovered a new type of immune cell which kills most cancers. Read more

Kiwis not getting enough Zzzzzzzzzs

A new study has found nearly 40% of Kiwis aren’t getting enough sleep. Read more

Whooping cough evolving

Researchers in Australia are warning that whooping cough is evolving and a new vaccine will be needed in the future. Read more