Monday briefs – 20 January 2020

Your weekly health news round-up from a variety of trusted sources

Physical activity reduces the risk of seven types of cancer

New research shows physical activity may reduce the likelihood of developing seven types of cancer. Read more

Provisional deal struck to fund breast cancer drug

The Government drug-buying agency PHARMAC has struck a provisional deal to cover the cost of the potentially life-prolonging breast cancer drug, Ibrance. Read more

Health professionals warned of deadly new virus

The Ministry of Health has warned health professionals of a deadly new virus in China. Read more

Green tea drinkers likely to live longer

Drinking green tea on a regular basis could help you live a longer and healthier life, a new study has found. Read more

Auckland scientists make world-first discovery

Researchers at Auckland University have made a world-first discovery that could help treat dementia and other brain illnesses. Read more