Monday briefs – 18 Nov 2019

Your weekly health news round-up

PHARMAC widens access to lamotrigine through exceptional circumstances process

PHARMAC has increased access to lamotrigine by widening the exceptional circumstances criteria after concerns over the brand change to Logem-only. Read more

Free EpiPens for at-risk kids

Free EpiPens will be given to more than 2,000 at-risk children and teenagers with severe allergies, providing relief to struggling families. Read more

Eating dinner after 6pm bad for your heart

Women who eat dinner after 6pm may be at higher risk of developing heart disease, new research shows. Read more

New blood test could spot breast cancer early

Researchers have developed a blood test that could detect breast cancer five years before symptoms appear. Read more

Small amount of running reduces risk of death

Going for a run each week, even for as little as 50 minutes, reduces the risk of death, according to a new study. Read more 

Common link in vaping-related lung injuries found 

Vitamin E acetate, an additive sometimes used in THC and other vaping products, has been identified as a chemical of concern among people with e-cigarette associated lung injury. Read more