Monday briefs – 21 October 2019

Your weekly health news round-up

Contraceptives to be fully funded

Pharmac has announced it will fully fund the cost of Mirena and Jaydess contraceptives, improving equity and access to health care for women. Read more

Free measles vaccination for babies over 6 months

Babies in Auckland aged 6 months and over will be able to get a free vaccination against measles. Read more

Owning a dog good for your health

A new study has found owning a dog may help you live longer. Read more

Breakthrough in cure for cervical cancer

Researchers in Australia believe they have found a cure for cervical cancer using groundbreaking gene-editing technology. Read more

New breast cancer app

A new multi-sensory app has been launched to help women detect breast cancer. Read more

Chlamydia linked to male infertility

Chlamydia infection has been found for the first time in the testicular tissue of men with no identified cause for their infertility. Read more