Monday briefs – 7 October 2019

Your weekly health news round-up

Teenagers risk hearing loss

Teenagers are being warned to urgently turn down the volume on their headphones or risk hearing loss. Read more 

Dementia from a Māori perspective

Whānau support, care of wairua/spiritual wellbeing and participation in cultural activities are crucial in the care of kaumātua who have mate wareware, or dementia, a new study has found. Read more

New red meat research causes controversy

Experts say new research indicating there are few health benefits to cutting down on red meat is flawed and harmful. Read more

Two unborn babies die after mothers catch measles

Two unborn babies have died after their mothers caught measles during pregnancy. Read more

Estimating calorie count not straight forward

New research from the University of Otago has found people aren’t very good at judging the energy-density of what they eat. Read more

Unborn babies have lizard-like hands

Medical scans have revealed babies in the womb have extra lizard-like muscles in their hands that most will lose before they are born, the BBC reports. Read more