Monday briefs – 26 August 2019

Your weekly health news round-up

Measles ward set up in Auckland

Middlemore Hospital in South Auckland has set up a dedicated measles ward due to the increasing number of cases of the highly infectious disease. Read more

Gut bacteria linked to ADHD and autism

A small but promising New Zealand study has found a link between gut bacteria and ADHD and autism. Read more

Bike riding more dangerous than team sports

Children are more likely to sustain a serious head injury from bike riding than any other activity, a new study has revealed. Read more

Short bursts of exercise good for the brain

New research has revealed that short intensive bouts of exercise have similar beneficial effects on the brain as longer workouts. Read more

Can micro-doses of LSD improve health?

Researchers at the University of Auckland are set to investigate the effect of small doses of LSD on people’s health and wellbeing. Read more