Monday briefs – 22 April 2019

Your weekly health news round-up 

Red meat and increased risk of bowel cancer

Eating red and processed meat, even within recommended guidelines, can increase you risk of developing bowel cancer. Read more

Blue dye makes batteries safer for kids

A Wellington researcher has created a coating for button batteries which leaches safe blue dye if ingested by children, allowing for quick detection by caregivers. Read more

Mushrooms good for the brain

Eating mushrooms two or three times a week lowers the chance of mild cognitive impairment. Read more

Two-thirds of GPs asked about medicinal cannabis

A new survey reveals two-thirds of GPs and 77% of head pharmacists have been asked about medicinal cannabis over the past year. Read more

Increase in over 60s getting hooked on opioids

An increasing number of people aged over 60 are getting hooked on opioids, new figures reveal. Read more