Monday briefs – 15 April 2019

Your weekly health news round-up 

Child tooth decay rates “appalling”

New research has found 2 out of 5 pre-schoolers in Northland and Auckland have tooth decay. Read more

Number of measles cases reaches 16 in Auckland

A woman in central Auckland has contracted measles, bringing the total number of cases to 16 in the region. Read more

Boil water notice issued in Martinborough

Residents in Martinborough have been told to boil their water for a second time this year after E. coli was discovered in the town’s water supply. Read more

Down syndrome testing for pregnant women

Hundreds of pregnant women may be having unnecessary invasive tests to check if their unborn baby has Down syndrome. Read more

The vegan low down

Vegans have been hitting the headlines recently, but what exactly is veganism and what are the pros and cons? Read more