Monday briefs – 8 April 2019

Your weekly health news round-up from a variety of trusted sources

Pregnant women warned about deadly virus

Pregnant women and those trying to conceive are being warned about a potentially deadly virus called cytomegalovirus (CMV). Read more

Patients uncomfortable asking key questions

A new survey has revealed one in ten patients don’t feel comfortable asking their doctor whether a treatment is necessary or not. Read more

Three people with influenza in ICU

Taranaki District Health Board is urging people to get immunised against the flu after three people in the region were admitted to the intensive care unit. Read more

How to manage life-threatening bleeding

Push hard, don’t stop. That’s the message from St John for dealing with a situation where someone is bleeding severely from a major artery. Read more

Sleeping on side reduces stillbirth risk

A new study provides the strongest evidence yet that sleeping on either side during the last trimester of pregnancy more than halves the risk of stillbirth. Read more

More than 75% of people with measles unvaccinated

It’s been revealed more than 75% of people currently with measles in New Zealand have not been vaccinated. Read more