Monday briefs – 11 March 2019

Your weekly health news round-up from a variety of trusted sources    

New study finds no link between autism and MMR vaccine

A new large-scale Danish study has found no link between autism and the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. Read more.

Number of syphilis cases on the rise

Kiwis are being urged to practise safe sex and get regular check-ups due to a dramatic increase in the number of syphilis cases. Read more.

Canterbury on high alert for measles cases

The number of measles cases in Canterbury continues to rise at an alarming rate. Read more.

Constipated millennials not getting enough fibre

Cutting out carbohydrates as part of the popular keto diet is causing gut problems for its die-hard millennial followers. Read more.

Man in remission from HIV

A man who received a stem cell transplant of virus-resistant cells has been in remission from HIV for a year and a half. Read more.