Monday briefs – 28 January 2019

Contraceptive pill guidelines reconsidered

The advised seven-day placebo break when taking the contraceptive pill can increase the risk of pregnancy, experts say, leading Britain to change its official guidelines around the use of the pill. Read more

Doctors to strike again

Junior doctors are going on strike again on Tuesday, 29 January for 48 hours after mediation talks failed. Read more

New app helps train brain

Cambridge University has launched a new app that may help people with ADHD or traumatic brain injuries to improve their concentration. Read more

Shift work bad for growing baby

Working shifts while pregnant can result in reduced fetal growth and longer pregnancies, new research shows. Read more

Self-testing for cervical cancer may help overcome barriers

A new study has revealed that self-testing for cervical cancer could benefit Māori women. Read more

Extra fertility treatment has no benefits

Researchers say a popular fertility treatment called endometrial scratching has no benefits at all. Read more