Monday briefs

Your weekly health news round-up from a variety of trusted sources

Half of Kiwi parents wouldn't want their child playing with an HIV-positive child

A survey commissioned by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation and Positive Women shows that there are still misconceptions around HIV that are contributing to harmful stigma for people living with HIV. But education can help change this. Learn more

Targeted vaccination to help protect all people in Northland 

The focus of the Northland Meningococcal W Vaccination Programme is on building the immunity of the whole community. Read more

Dietary supplement could harm liver, MedSafe warns

Medsafe has warned that Artemisia annua, a natural dietary supplement marketed as Arthrem for improving joint health and mobility, may harm the liver in some people. Read more 

Major review sheds light on fat vs carb diet

A major review by researchers into the pros and cons of a low fat/high carb diet versus a high fat/low carb one has thrown up some interesting conclusions. Read more  

Small, portable MRIs on the horizon

A Wellington researcher has come up with a new magnet technology that could enable MRI brain imaging to move from the confines of a large imaging suite to anywhere with electrical power. Read more