COPD costs NZ $192m a year

COPD is estimated to affect 15% of New Zealanders over the age of 45 and is the fourth leading cause of death after cancer, heart disease and stroke, an Atlantis Healthcare White Paper says. 

Māori are more than five times more likely to die from COPD-related causes than non-Māori, as well as being affected by COPD up to 20 years earlier. 

COPD is a progressive disease that makes it hard to breathe. People living with COPD may be short of breath when doing simple tasks like getting dressed or preparing a meal. 

It also places a burden on those caring for people with COPD and the healthcare system; hospital care and oxygen therapy are often required. COPD can be prevented in many cases if diagnosed early and treated with medicines and other supportive care. 

There is a need to integrate innovative, cost-effective mobile health and telehealth solutions to extend self-management support beyond the clinic and into the daily lives of those with COPD, Jared Poppelbaum, Director of Population Health at Atlantis Healthcare says. 

Treatment adherence is low

Adherence to treatment among people with COPD is low, or can decrease over time, despite evidence that appropriate use of medication and sensible lifestyle changes can reduce mortality and hospital admissions. 

Atlantis Healthcare's report “Connected Solutions for Improved Health and Wellbeing in COPD” presents a multi-stakeholder view on how patients can be supported to improve their adherence to treatment and self-management of COPD to remain independent for longer. 

Atlantis Healthcare also recently hosted a related webcast - Empowering COPD patients – patient-centric solutions to drive positive outcomes