Te reo Māori

Below you will find links to some population topics of health information written in te reo Māori. There are other resources and pamphlets in te reo throughout the website.

Hapū (pregnancy)

Hauora Hinengaro (mental health)

Healthy heart

Health services

Huangō (asthma)

A range of resources in te reo Māori Asthma & Respiratory Foundation, NZ

Infectious diseases and vaccines

Find more translated resources on infectious diseases and vaccines on the Health Ed website.

Koute (gout)

Medicines for gout Medsafe, Ministry of Health and PHARMAC, NZ Te reo Māori English

Mate huka (diabetes)

Mate pukupuku (cancer)

A range of resources in te reo Māori Cancer Society, NZ

Mate wareware (dementia)

Information in te reo Māori Alzheimer's NZ

Quitting smoking

Ranga āniwaniwa (rainbow community)

Supporting Aotearoa's rainbow people – A practical guide for mental health professionals, Rainbow Mental Health, NZ Te reo Māori English

Screening programmes

Sexual health

Tamariki (children)

Find more translated health information in te reo Māori at Health Translations, Australia and for medication leaflets in te reo Māori see My Medicines, NZ.

Translations between Te reo Māori and English obtained from Te reo Hāpai and Te reo Māori Dictionary.

Credits: Health Navigator Editorial Team. Last reviewed: 01 Sep 2022