Japanese health information

Below you will find links to health information translated into Japanese. Many of the resources are from overseas, so emergency numbers and contact details may differ. In NZ, contact your local health clinic or dial 111 in an emergency.

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  • Caring for your baby, Health Information Translations, US, English/Japanese 2019
  • Getting started breastfeeding your baby, Health Information Translations, US, English/Japanese, 2018
  • Breastfeeding basics, Health Information Translations, US, English/Japanese 2018


  • Diabetes, Health Information Translations, US, English/Japanese, 2016
  • Diabetes during pregnancy, Health Information Translations, US, English/Japanese, 2016
  • 4 Steps to control your diabetes for life, Medline Plus English/Japanese (pdf, 32 pages), 2008
  • Take care of your heart. Manage your diabetes: Blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol, Medline Plus Japanese English (pdf, 2 pages), 2003
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  • BCG vaccine: Information for parents, Health Ed NZ Japanese English (pdf, 2 pages, 119 KB), 2015
  • BCG vaccine: After care for parents, Health Ed NZ Japanese English (pdf, 2 pages, 579 KB), 2015
  • Polio vaccine, Medline Plus Japanese (2000) English (pdf, 2 pages), 2011

Mental health

  • Depression during pregnancy & early parenthood, NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service, Australia Japanese English (pdf, 18 pages), 2003
  • Mental health information, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK

Women’s health

  • Cervical cancer vaccine (HPV), Health Ed NZ Japanese English (pdf, 4 pages, 260 KB), 2012
  • Female exam and pap smear, Health Information Translations, US, English/Japanese, 2005
  • A healthy pregnancy, Health Information Translations, US, English/Japanese, 2019


Find more translated health information at Health Translations, Australia.