French health information

Below you will find links to health information translated into French. Many of the following resources are from overseas, so emergency numbers and contact details may differ. In NZ, contact your local health clinic or dial 111 in an emergency.

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Child birth

  • A healthy pregnancy, Health Information Translations English/French (pdf, 5 pages)
  • Diabetes in pregnancy: Gestational diabetes, Health Information Translations English/French (pdf, 3 pages)
  • Breastfeeding basics, Health Information Translations English/French (pdf, 10 pages)
  • Getting started breastfeeding your baby, Health Information Translations English/French (pdf, 7 pages)

Health services



Infectious diseases

  • The tuberculin skin test, NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service, Australia French (pdf, 2 pages) English (pdf, 1 page)
  • Tuberculosis: Fact sheet, NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service, Australia French (pdf, 3 pages) English (pdf, 2 pages)
  • Sepsis – explained video, World Sepsis Day French English

Men’s health

  • Prostate cancer: Fact sheet, Health Information Translations English/French (pdf, 6 pages)

Mental Health

Women’s health

More topics

Find more translated health information at:

A set of videos from Ethnic Communities NZ in French covering health services in Aotearoa New Zealand:  

  1. COVID-19 so far and lessons learnt. 
  2. Older person's health services. This covers bowel cancer screening, vaccines, and eligibility. 
  3. COVID-19 antiviral medicine eligibility. 
  4. Immunisations available for you and your family. 
  5. Health services and immunisations for children. 
  6. Health services are available for youth. 
  7. Mental health services. 
  8. Health services for men. 
  9. Health services for women.