Plan your ultimate staycation

Going on holiday doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money on accommodation, flights and expensive restaurants. They should be about spending time with family and friends and taking time to relax and enjoy a break from everyday life stresses.

If the thought of packing bags, writing lists and worrying about what you’ve left behind sends you into a cold sweat, why not enjoy a holiday at home by planning your ultimate staycation!

Here’s our top tips for having the most fun holidaying at home:

1. Explore your own corner of the world

Visit a park, museum, beach or tourist attraction in your own city or town you’ve never been to or you could take a day trip to a nearby town and spend some time exploring the area.

The Entertainment Book is a great resource for ideas of new places to visit along with some great discounts and you can also check out TripAdvisor to get tips and reviews from other travellers to your areas. Or be like a tourist and head to your local information centre to pick up some brochures on new things to see and do.

2. Eat somewhere new

When you’re on holiday part of the fun is eating at new restaurants, so why not go somewhere you haven’t been before. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a night out, buy some different food from your local supermarket to enjoy on your staycation.

3. Turn off technology

Resist the temptation to check your emails or look at social media. Pretend you’re somewhere with no mobile reception so you’re not tempted to turn on your phone, iPad or other devices.

4. Skip the chores

Holidays don’t usually involve vacuuming, cleaning toilets or folding washing so if you wouldn’t do it on holiday, don’t do it on your staycation. Clean the house and restock the fridge and pantry before your staycation so you can relax without feeling as though you should be doing any chores.

5. Sleep somewhere different

If you’ve got kids, build a fort in the lounge and grab the sleeping bags and camp out in your house, or if you enjoy the comforts of a bed, swap rooms – the kids can sleep in the adult’s room and the adults can sleep in the kid’s rooms. If you’ve got a spare room you could turn it into your staycation retreat.

6. Go camping in your backyard

Pitch a tent on your lawn, pack the chilly bin and enjoy sleeping outdoors without ever leaving home. And if it rains, it’s not very far to run indoors!

7. Take photos

Just like an out-of-town holiday, pack the camera and take plenty of photos of your staycation.

Credits: Health Navigator Editorial Team.