This month it’s Movember, an opportunity for men to ditch their razors and grow a moustache to raise money and awareness about men’s health. The funds raised each year go towards programmes targeted at prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

If you don’t want to grow a mo – or you can't – you can support men’s health by getting involved in Move for Movember. That means get active, set physical goals and do something good for yourself while supporting the work of the Movember Foundation.

If you need more convincing to get involved, check out some facts and figures about Kiwi men’s health, and let’s make this Movember the best one yet!


The number of men who die each year in New Zealand from prostate cancer


A person’s survival rate beyond five years if prostate cancer is detected early. 


Men who develop prostate cancer are mostly over the age of 65. It rarely occurs in men younger than 55. In very elderly men, prostate cancer often grows very slowly and may cause no symptoms. 


The age that every man should ask their doctor about having a PSA test – a simple blood test used to screen for prostate cancer. 


The age men need to ask their doctor about a PSA test if they have a family history of prostate cancer or if they’re of African or Caribbean descent. 

1 in 13

About the number of men who’ll develop prostate cancer before age 75. 


The age group in which testicular cancer is the most common cancer affecting men. 


The number of New Zealand men diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2014. 


The number of reported males who committed suicide in New Zealand between July 2016 and June 2017. 


Million dollars raised for Movember 2016 in New Zealand. 


The number of countries involved in Movember in 2016. 


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Credits: Health Navigator Editorial Team.