Low carbohydrate and fad diets

We have all heard ‘cut the carbs’ – is this a good thing to do, but can you go too far?

The truth is low carbohydrate diets have been around for years. They are often associated with weight loss and diabetes. They have been found to be helpful for people wanting to lose weight, however the benefits tend to be short term.

There are some benefits to watching your carbs – they along with fat are the main energy (calorie) source in our diet. Being mindful of what we eat is a good thing and choosing foods such as fruits and starchy vegetables and whole grains as your main sources of carbohydrate will help keep the extra calories in check, but also ensure that you eat a healthy balance and range of foods.

Remember the energy that would have been provided by carbohydrate is often replaced by energy from protein and fats.

Not all low carbohydrate diets are the same. If you have diabetes it is always best to seek professional advice from your doctor or a dietitian before starting on a very low carbohydrate diet.

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