Know your strengths

Are you super creative but not so keen on teamwork? Are you a people person but have trouble forgiving others? We all have things we’re good at and things we’re not so good at.

Research shows that knowing your strengths and using them increases your life satisfaction by helping improve your relationships, enhancing your health and overall wellbeing, and helping buffer against, manage and overcome problems.

The key is knowing what your strengths are and building them into your life for the benefit of yourself and others.

The American non-profit organisation VIA Institute on Character created an online survey, which has been scientifically proven to help people identify their character strengths.

The Institute identified 24 strengths that everybody possesses, but in differing amounts. Here is a sample of 10 of those strengths and some tips on how to play to them:

1. Bravery

Face a situation you’d usually shy away from and do things outside your comfort zone.

2. Creativity

Write, sketch or make something. Try creating something without overthinking it.

3. Fairness

Be willing to forgive and own any mistakes.

4. Forgiveness

Find win-win situations and practise putting yourself in other people’s shoes.

5. Honesty

Trust your instincts and honour your promises and commitments.

6. Humility

Reward yourself when things go well and celebrate the success of others.

7. Leadership

Form or strengthen a positive connection each day and facilitate conversations.

8. Perseverance

When busy, take small regular breaks and break big goals into small steps.

9. Spirituality

Make time for meditation or prayer each day and seek meaning in difficult situations.

10. Teamwork

Volunteer for a worthy cause and share your knowledge and skills.

Read more about these and the other 24 strengths 


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