Health Consumer Advisory Service recruitment

Tena koe,

Have you heard about our Health Consumer Advisory Service? The Health Navigator Charitable Trust's Health Consumer Advisory Service (HCAS) was set up in 2015 after a successful bid to the Ministry of Health.  

HCAS works to increase the inclusion of consumer advisors into health service design and planning at local, regional and national levels. Consumer advisors are people living with long-term conditions or disabilities. We need to make sure our team is diverse to be able to speak from personal experience when advising clients.

We are looking for three new advisors to join the team, ideally based in Wellington. We would also be keen for our new team members to be able to speak te reo Māori or a Pasifika language.

Your involvement as a part time consumer advisor would include attending a monthly Zoom team meeting. This provides opportunity to share and hear from each and to give feedback to questions we receive from different agencies and organisations looking for consumer input into their projects and programmes.

Your expertise will be needed by advisory and governance groups to bring a consumer perspective to discussions about service design and planning. Other tasks can include providing feedback on medical information fliers and self-help resources or even participating in health-related videos. There are also annual training sessions for those who can attend, usually in Auckland (COVID-19 permitting).

If this role sounds like you, please fill in our online HCAS recruitment form, which will automatically alert our service coordinator, who will make contact.

Applicants should:

  • have an understanding of whānau ora
  • have lived experience of a long-term health condition or disability
  • preferably speak te reo Māori and or a Pasifika language
  • embody cultural safety and appropriateness in all aspects of your work.