Hearing tests in adults

Hearing tests are used when you have hearing loss. They are used to find out what is causing your hearing loss and therefore what treatment you need.

Hearing tests are performed by trained audiologists.

The audiologist will begin by examining your ear canal with an otoscope. This helps them identify any problems that may affect the hearing test results, such as build-up of ear wax or burst eardrum. 

In the tone test, you wear headphones and listen to ‘beeps’ at different pitches. When you hear them you let the tester know, usually by pressing a button. The beeps get quieter until you no longer hear them. In addition, your cochlea (inner ear) may be tested and you may be given a speech test, which detects your ability to hear and understand sounds of speech.

There are no risks with hearing tests.

Results – what do they mean?

The results will show if you have any hearing loss and indicate what help you need to be able to hear properly.

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