Contact lenses

Contact lenses are small, thin lens, placed directly on the surface of the eye that can be used instead of glasses to correct visual problems such as short-sightedness.

Why use contact lenses?

Compared to wearing glasses, contact lenses have a number of advantages:

  • Avoid having to wear glasses or keep track of them.
  • Better peripheral vision and they do not collect moisture such as rain, snow, condensation, or sweat (ideal for sports or other outdoor activities).
  • Can wear ordinary sunglasses, goggles or other eyewear without needing special prescription eye wear.
  • More effective at correcting some eye conditions such as keratoconus and aniseikonia than glasses.
  • Cosmetic benefits include ability to change the colour of your eyes with tinted lens.

Would contact lenses work for me?

Before using contact lenses, you'll need to see an optometrist for a proper eye check. They can advise you about the best type of lenses for your eyes. They will also teach you how to use and clean them. Cleaning and looking after your lenses is very important to reduce the risk of an eye infection.

Credits: Collated by Dr Bycroft, Health Navigator, Dec 2013.