There are many things we can be addicted to, such as cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, food and coffee.

Anything we use a lot of and all the time (compulsively and obsessively) to ease tension or enhance our mood can be defined as addictive. However, some addictions are much more harmful than others. If there's something you find hard to give up or stop doing that is causing any harm to you or others, then pick up the phone and ring one of the numbers below. Help and support are just a phone call away.

Take a test

Test your drug use NZ Drug Foundation
Is your drinking okay? Health Promotion Agency NZ

Self care

  • Learn about how to recognise an addiction Test your drug use
  • If you think you have an addiction, seek help from someone you trust or call a crisis line.
  • Learn about managing peer pressure.
  • Seek out a support person who will listen, motivate you, and help keep you safe.

Learn more

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