Health Literacy mentoring workshop

During this project, a number of tools and presentations were developed. This section includes resources developed to support DHBs, PHOs and organisations interested in learning more and providing health literacy training.

Health literacy mentoring workshop

This half-day workshop was designed for people who already have knowledge of the background to health literacy and the Three-Step Model to better health literacy. This is essential for the mentoring approach to work. Participants wanted to provide mentoring to their staff about how to use health literacy and, in particular, the Three-Step Model to better health literacy in consultations with patients and families.

The purpose of this workshop was to:

  • build on participants' existing knowledge of health literacy and the Three-Step Model and provide participants with the tools they could use to mentor their staff to use health literacy tools and strategies
  • highlight potential issues participants might encounter during mentoring
  • provide a number of practice mentoring opportunities for participants 
During the project, we ran this workshop for a diverse range of staff from one PHO area. Participants were PHO staff, employed in aged-care settings, primary care and mental health settings. All participants had previously attended a three-hour workshop that provided training in health literacy and the Three-Step model. All participants were in roles where they were providing formal and informal staff training and development.


Credits: Health Literacy NZ & Health NZ teams for self-management in primary care project Sept17.