Supporting self management: Combining health literacy and care planning

This one day workshop was designed for a diverse audience drawn from PHO, DHB and primary care staff. The audience is familiar with care planning and self-management support but not health literacy.

Workshop purpose

The purpose of this presentation was to introduce participants to health literacy including the Three-Step model and then ask participants to note what changes their new knowledge of health literacy makes to their care planning model. The last part of the workshop involves participants mapping their care planning process in relation to one or a number of long-term conditions as part of a Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycle for the purposes of quality improvement.

During the project, this workshop was delivered to a group from the local PHO, DHB and some primary care staff who wanted to map care planning and SMS for patients diagnosed with cancer as part of a project to improve equity of outcomes for Māori patients in the area.

Care planning for these patients was typically led by the Cancer Nurse Specialist and care plans and self-management were supported by PHO staff, primary care staff, pharmacists as well as DHB staff.


  1. Agenda 
  2. Training plan
  3. Workbook - Word  pdf version
Credits: Health Literacy NZ & Health Navigator NZ teams for the SMS Project Sept 2017.