Coaching conversations

This one day workshop was designed for health workforce who work directly to support people with long-term conditions. Workforce could include primary care staff; long-term condition nurses including cancer nurses coordinators; clinical pharmacists; allied health workforce such as physiotherapists, dietitians, podiatrists and exercise physiologists; and Whānau Ora Navigators.

Workshop purpose

The purpose of this workshop was to build on and improve the conversations these staff are currently having with people with long-term conditions by:

  • introducing health literacy approaches
  • reviewing critical communication skills such as listening and asking good questions
  • reviewing motivational interviewing, decision making, goal setting and follow up.

Participants also have two opportunities during the workshop to practise coaching conversations.

Who is this workshop suitable for?

During the project, we ran this workshop for a diverse range of staff employed by a PHO. All their roles were to work with patients with long-term conditions either in the person's homes or in primary care settings. The PHO had just undertaken research with patients and health professionals which showed patients did not routinely have written care plans and were not having regular reviews of their plans or receiving regular follow-up.


  1. Agenda
  2. Training plan
  3. Booklet: Having coaching conversations with patients - no Take Charge resources   (pdf version)
  4. Booklet: Having coaching conversations with patients using the Take Charge workbooks  (pdf version)
  5. Coaching conversations presentation (powerpoint)
Credits: Health Literacy NZ and Health Navigator NZ teams for the SMS in Primary Care Project Sept 2017.