Whare Kahikā Home Safety App

Whare Kahikā is a home safety app that helps you identify potential injury risks to children in your home.

Whare Kahikā Home Safety App By Safekids Aotearoa
  • Available in te reo Māori and English
  • Interactive
  • Checklist
  • Information about where to source safety devices
  • Easy how to fix instructions

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What does the app do?

The Whare Kahikā Home Safety App is for everyone who has children/tamariki living in or visiting their home. The app provides a complete home checklist for families/whānau to help keep young children safe from serious injuries like falls, drowning and incidents on the road.

The app works on a room-by-room basis. For each room of your home, you will be taken through a series of questions. After a check of each room has been completed, you will get a personalised checklist of items needed to make the recommended changes. 

As you click through the checklist for each area, a list appears of the devices you can use to make the areas safer. Selecting the information tabs will show you where these devices can be purchased and at what cost, eg, window stays to prevent window falls.

To learn more about this app tool, go to the website or Google Play.

This video explains the Whare Kahikā app, which gives whānau the knowledge to create a safe physical home environment for tamariki.

Click the image below to watch this short video about the app.

 (Starship Child Health, NZ, 2020)


✔ Designed for the home

✔ Easy to understand

✔ Guided instructions

✔ Improves home safety

✔ Available in te reo Māori and English

✘  Apple app store currently not working.

✘ Useful to also have available in other languages, such as Pasifika and Asian languages, and in NZ Sign Language.

Review details

Date of review: 20/01/2021
Platform reviewed: Website and Android
Version: 1.0.6
Download size: 20M
Updated: 16 December 2020

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