Warfarin apps

Apps for people taking the medicine warfarin to keep track of their warfarin dose and INR test result.

When are warfarin apps used?

The dose of warfarin is different for different people depending on what they are using it for and their INR test results. You need to keep track of your warfarin dose and your INR because your dose of warfarin depends on your INR test result. Based on your INR test results, your doctor or pharmacist will discuss with you whether your warfarin dose will stay the same or needs to be changed. Read more about warfarin and warfarin and INR.

There are different ways you can record your warfarin dose and INR including writing it down in a booklet or diary or using an app. 

Apps reviews – warfarin apps

There are a variety of mobile apps to help you keep track of your warfarin dose and INR test result. Heath Navigator has reviewed the following apps.   

App name Features Clinical score


  • Medication reminders
  • INR blood test reminders
  • Graphs and reports
  • New Zealand app
  • Cost: Free
  • Available from the App Store
  • Read more about INR Log

Reviewed apps that are no longer available

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