Voda: LGBTQIA+ Mental Wellness app

Voda provides you with expert-designed digital therapy programmes for specific LGBTQIA+ issues, from overcoming internalised stigma, to dating, body image and relationships.

Voda: LGBTQIA+ Mental Wellness By Voda Technologies Limited
  • Goal setting
  • Diary – Daily mood check-in(i.e. journalling)
  • Tracking – mood check-in progress
  • Reminders – thought for the day

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Country of origin United Kingdom (UK)


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What does the app do?

Voda is a mental wellness app for the LGBTQIA+ community that provides self-guided therapy programmes on gender and sexuality affirmation based on the latest research on CBT and mental health, designed by leading queer psychotherapists.

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✔ Colourful and good use of image.
Intuitive design and layout.

✔ Audio materials are comfortable and non-confronting.

✔ Reading materials are short, reflective, and easy to connect with emotionally and mentally.

✔ Journal starts with a question.
Thought for the Day is useful in setting a positive tone for the day.

✔ Ability to track journal helps identifying negative pattern more easily.

✘ Audio guided therapy - must go back to file to pause or stop when doing other things/disturbed by someone.

 Only English version available which is a disadvantage for non-English speakers or English as their second language.

 Loading is relatively slower than the other mental wellness app I have reviewed.

 Paid subscription needed to access other materials so this limited my experience as a reviewer.

 No graph or report available which will improve the experience of identifying negative pattern.

 No community support information found on the app.

Review details

Date of review: February 2023
Platform reviewed: Android
Version: 1.055

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