Apps for people with blindness and low vision

There are a number of apps to assist people with blindness and low vision, ranging from connecting you with sighted volunteers to apps that convert text to speech.  

App Description

Be My Eyes

This app connects people with blindness and low vision to sighted volunteers for visual assistance through a live video call. Learn more about Be My Eyes.

KNFB Reader

This is a mobile phone app in which a synthesised voice reads the content of the visual material to you. Learn more about KNFB Reader.  

Seeing AI

A Microsoft app with a variety of features to find out what is around you. By holding up your phone, you can find out about your surroundings. By switching channels you can hear different types of information being spoken out. Learn more about Seeing AI.   

Other apps that may be helpful are those that allow you to hear either from a “real” person or from artificial intelligence details of what visual information you’re showing the app. These can be used, eg, to read labels on medicines, identify products and help you search for information online while you’re on the computer. The following apps are available in New Zealand app stores:

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