Swallow Prompt app

An app to help people who have difficulty remembering to swallow due to conditions such as Parkinson’s, brain injury or cerebral palsy.

Swallow Prompt By Speechtools Ltd
  • Reminders to swallow
  • Tone or vibration reminders

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What does the Swallow Prompt app do?

The app is a simple timer which provides a prompt or reminder to consciously swallow. It's useful for people who have difficulty remembering to swallow due to conditions such as Parkinson’s, brain injury or cerebral palsy. Users can set the frequency of the timer from every 1 second to every 6 minutes. The alarm can be set as a tone (sound) or a vibration so it's less intrusive.    

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✔ Adjustable timer from 1 second to 6 minutes

✔ Set reminders as a tone, vibration or both

✔ 8 different sounds

✔ Listen over a wired or Bluetooth headset

✘ No information on other treatments for drooling (chewing gum to encourage swallowing, oral medication, sprays and Botox)

✘ Very limited information about the causes of drooling

Review details

Date of review: July 2019
Platform reviewed: Android
Version: 3.0.2
Download size: 4.2 MB
Updated on: 11 March 2019

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Reviewed By: Jeremy Steinberg, GP, FRNZCGP Last reviewed: 16 Jul 2019